hysteriachan: (hands full of books)
2007-01-02 07:39 am

2006 media stats [public post]

[Tallied from [livejournal.com profile] fillingthewell]
  • Novels/anthologies read: 32.5 (due to one needing to go back to the library partway through. >.<)
  • Non-fiction books read: 11
  • Manga volumes/graphic novels read: 224 (mostly the domestic English releases--thank you, library!)
  • Anime series followed: ~ 13 (very rough estimate). Anime episodes watched (from a much wider variety of series, obviously ^^): ~235.
  • Domestic movies watched: 14
  • Domestic shows followed: 4

Making this post public, at least for now--still figuring out what to do about the non-anime/manga media blogging. Such as it is.