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the somewhat-obligatory public post

Friends-Only banner by Jelynne

[Updated July 3, 2009]

If you want to be added to my Friends list or have something you want me to know, comment on this entry (comments on this entry are screened). I don't automatically add people to this list; this is not a private journal, but it's generally restricted to people I've met and/or known online for a while. If you fall into one of those categories and I don't Friend you back, it just means that I don't feel I know you very well (and that you probably didn't Friend me before I started locking this down; I used to be much more likely to simply Friend people back).

I also maintain a public LiveJournal account, for those who feel like reading what I make available for public consumption. [livejournal.com profile] umadoshi (Year of the Horse) is my "geekery" journal, used for things related to anime/manga, fanfiction, fandom in general, and some of my thoughts on writing and creativity. I'm also on Dreamwidth as umadoshi; that account mirrors both the LJ with the same name and my professional blog, as well as having my occasional book-blogging and other content. And my website is home to my fanfiction, as well as information pages for my favorite Fruits Basket characters.


My current Friends-Only banner features Tori Amos, my favorite musician, and was made by [livejournal.com profile] jelynne.